Decline is over, chestnut production is looking up

01 juillet 2017

The owners of chestnut groves have boosted a production in sharp decline since the early 20th century.

The Massif des Maures

About 20% of chestnut   preserve and marrons glacés (Collobrières) come from 900 hectares of chestnut groves.

Haute Provence

The grove on the Plateau d'Albion is the only place in France where chestnut trees grow in fields of lavender. Chestnut tree leaves are used in cheese-making.


From 2000 hectares of chestnut groves, 150 tonnes of chestnut flour, the AOC Farina castagnina corsa (50% organic) are processed in 35 mills. Its distinctive flavour is found in biscuits, cakes, foie gras, spirits, beer and liqueurs. Cynips, the larva of the Chinese wasp, threatens the future of the chestnut groves, a possible remedy might be found with Torymus sinensis, a tiny wasp that feeds on Cynips.

A few chestnut festivals

Collobrières and Valdeblore in October, Le Fugeret and Resvest du Bion In November.

Corsica : Evisa in November , Bocognano in December.